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We design & build beautifully crafted e-commerce & content managed websites

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Azexis is an Approved Visa Merchant Agent. We design & develop fully hosted PCI Compliant eCommerce websites large & small.

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We're professional web designers, who design & develop SEO friendly websites that give you control over content management.

Product catalogues

With over 12 years experience advising retailers, we offer a range of services to help you promote your product catalogue on-line.

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With the right architecture & the right team anything is possible...

Bespoke web developers

From complex confidential solutions to feature rich engaging web application Azexis deliver flexible and secure architecture.

UIX developers

We design sophisticated User Interfaces for bespoke web applications developed by our in-house team of client specialists.

Security & infrastructure

Security is paramount throughout our development lifecycle and within our PCI Compliant private cloud infrastructure.

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Bespoke web developers

Web design Suffolk

Azexis has been designing websites from our base in Ipswich, Suffolk since 1999.

Local, internationally

Based on the Ipswich waterfront in Suffolk we provide web design and development locally in Suffolk, across the UK and internationally.

Excellence in technology

We've experience across incredibly diverse technologies - backed by an infrastructure smaller agencies are unable to support.

Web designers for 14 years

As experienced web designers we've gained a vast knowledge in what works and what doesn't on-line.

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Web design case studies

Just some of our e-commerce and web design projects we've taken pride in

Review Any Game

Review Any Games's ethos is to offer unbiased reviews from like minded gamers in the UK and USA. This bespoke community website was designed with a custom user interface from the simplest button to its game trailer player.

Our web designers understood the importance of delivering an aesthetic and interactive rating system...

Bespoke web design case study

Mad About Diamonds

Building a comprehensive & interactive help system was a priority for this jeweller. So our web designers built visual representations of each carat weight, colour, clarity and cut for each diamond shape. Highly interactive and informative the user interface (UI) was designed for maximum usability when seeing how various settings affect price for a diamond engagement ring.

eCommerce website case study

Sojo Mobile

The Sojo Mobile's website continues to impress visitors with a series of querks from our in-house web design team.

With seamless content loading as the page scrolls and consistent photographic angles, shadowing and positioning for each product we ensured a visually pleasing and easy to navigate website.

ecommerce web design case study


Waterbuoy launched its website to promote the unique product on the BBC's Dragons Den. Our web design team focused on its experience in web design, 3D imagery and photography to deliver a microsite that would make an impact on popular screen sizes. Waterbuoy's 2D packaging designs were transformed into more tactile and engaging 3D imagery to promote the product.

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Maritime Transport

Based in the Port of Felixstowe near Ipswich in Suffolk, Maritime's interactive homepage features photos taken for the site and digitally enhanced by Azexis.

Maritime's Content Management System was provided by a third party so our web designers and developers carefully constructed the website UI from scratch to ensure compatibility.

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Improve conversion

Driving traffic to your site through SEO is just the beginning. We’ll help you improve your conversion rates through Site Guru

Hosting infrastructure

Azexis Cloud is a Visa Approved PCI Compliant hosting platform built specifically for the demands of Evance eCommerce SaaS

Software by Azexis

Evance is an all-in-one website platform boasting a rapidly growing feature list for websites, blogs, catalogues and ecommerce

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Merry Christmas from Azexis

From all the team at Azexis, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Significant Google Algorithm Updates

It’s not just because we like history but because looking at the history of Google helps us understand what to do today in terms of best practice for future success. The article only details major events in Google’s algorithm changes.

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The Heartbleed Bug

We've had several customers enquiring about the publicised Heart Bleed Bug present in OpenSSL technology.


New backup server fully operational

Continuing our dedication to the investment in our infrastructure we have put the finishing touches to our new dedicated backup solution.


£0.6million investment in Evance

Evance Periwinkle released in May marks the final milestone in converting what was Ignition into Evance and completes a £0.6million investment in the project.


Evance gets a new home at evanceit.co.uk

Redeveloping what used to be called Ignition into Evance has been a long old journey, but another major step is taken with Evance moving to its own website.

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