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Since 1999 Azexis has prided itself in producing highly custom web designs & solutions.

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Azexis design and develop user interfaces and their underlying architecture for web based technology. We're evolving the shape of websites, online applications and mobile apps to adapt to changing user behaviour, social trends and browser capabilities. Our team strive to enhance the overall user experience through functional and behavioural analysis, elegant design and a stable framework. We enjoy working at the forefront of technology both visually and behind the scenes. Since we invest significantly in research and development, you'll benefit from our breadth of experience in key areas.

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Azexis design websites, online applications and user interfaces for mobile apps. Our bespoke design services encompass creative and interactive components within elegant layouts that are simple to use, whilst maintaining high levels of functionality.


Azexis develops and maintains cloud technology that's used daily by hundreds of users and undergoes stringent security checks. Whether your project requires database, server-side, or client-side functionality, you can be sure we're adept in developing sophisticated solutions.


The senior team at Azexis are available as consultants for statistical, behavioural or operational analysis for application workflow and interface design. We often assist with navigational re-structuring and the architectural design of custom applications.

UX focused

We're obsessive about improving user experience. We've made hundreds of iterative changes to our own framework to learn what works and what doesn't.

Online strategy

Azexis can help you establish, implement  & maintain an ongoing online strategy to improve conversion and elevate your brand's reputation.

What if?

We don't just accept things as they are. Since our inception Azexis has evolved by meeting the challenge of a changing landscape through innovation.

Big & small

We work with clients of all sizes, on projects large and small, and we're looking forward to working with you on your next digital project.


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Making technology work for you

Sweet user interfaces and online strategy are all very well, but the most important pieces to our bespoke jigsaw lay within the technology and applications that underpin your business. Behind the scenes, as coders and database managers, we're ensuring the uptime, stability and security of your applications. No longer are web technologies simply used for ecommerce and information websites, we deliver custom facilities that help businesses automate processes, reduce manual admin and improve communication. Importantly, we offer consultancy, architectural design and development services in three key areas for the modern business.


Through intelligent analysis of existing workflows and application performance we identify opportunities to improve efficiency. We undertake regular reviews from the user's perspective all the way through to database benchmarking to ensure operational efficiency. 


Implementing operational automation where it adds viable benefit is the holy grail for many managers. Through a deep understanding of your workflows we're able to implement long-term returns on investment by increasing efficiency and a reducing user error.


The largest area of growth in development is the requirement for integration with third party applications and/or technology, both client-side and server-side. We integrate apps through best of breed technology to ensure tight integrations where possible.

Website platforms

We recommend the right platform for you based on your specific requirements.



Bespoke by nature

Azexis has a heritage steeped in bespoke development. Over the years we've delivered projects on a staggeringly diverse range of industries and applications. Today Azexis designs, builds and maintains its own cloud based platform to a much higher level of complexity and scrutiny than ever before. But, bespoke development projects are still core to our business and the same team that released to high acclaim work on our bespoke projects. So you can be sure you're partnering with professionals.

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