23 May 2012

EU Cookie Law

On 26th May 2012 the EU’s Privacy & Communications Directive will be enforced by the government

What is it?

Known as the ‘EU cookie law’ this legislation requires website owners to disable non-essential cookies and other information storing software from their websites - unless permission is gained from the site visitor. The result of non-compliance could ultimately be prosecution and a fine. 

Lately the ICO has softened it's attitude towards implementation - see below.

On the Azexis website we ask permission to use cookies via 'Cookie Consent' software from third party developer Silktide. Let us know if you want Cookie Consent on your website.   

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small files that are placed onto the computers of visitors to your website – their function varies from improving site functionality to web analytics, advertising and more. 

What are Essential Cookies?

If your site only uses session cookies to ensure the safety of your visitors etc then you won't need to do anything. However cookies other than cookies essential to your site functioning will come under the scope of the legislation. Cookies and software that require permission include those used for social media, advertising and analytics. 

The EU cookie law.          

If you disagree with the EU cookie law consider signing a petition:

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