26 Jun 2012

Azexis is evolving

Azexis has a 12 year heritage steeped in bespoke web and e-commerce development, but times are changing. 

In 2010 Azexis began a journey towards the standardisation of our software solution - Evance. Since the release of Evance 3.2 we've been amazed with the uptake from existing customers, interest from within the industry and adoption by new customers.

It's no mistake that Azexis is beginning to look more like a software vendor. Providing Evance as a subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS) is now one of our primary goals, offering cost effective content management and e-commerce software to a larger market.

As Evance becomes increasingly sophisticated, we're able to cater to a larger SME market, which ensures the longevity and security of the platform.

So why the change in direction? Having invested significantly in Evance we're evolving our business model to respond to growing trends in the e-commerce industry. Forrester Research cite SaaS as one of the key technology trends for business. Within our sector this is largely due to the rising cost of infrastructure, development, security and increasing legislation, which is pushing bespoke e-commerce development out of reach for most SMEs.

Centralising our development and infrastructure into a SaaS subscription model empowers Azexis to focus our attention on scalability, reliability and functionality. Through a visionary development roadmap and continued reinvestment in infrastructure we're focused on creating better, more usable, fully supported tools for e-businesses.

Of course, we shall continue to support bespoke web development projects to existing and new customers. 

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