10 Jul 2012

Azexis partners with Rise

Over the last 4 years Azexis has continued to invest in ever more powerful dedicated servers to support steady growth in websites hosted by Azexis.

With the launch of Evance Subscriptions Azexis is quickly moving into a larger market. Consequently the rate of adoption for our hosting facilities has increased by over 400% over the last quarter.

Having rolled out two new servers this year weʼve continued to invest in our dedicated infrastructure with Fasthosts, but behind the scenes weʼve been on the search for a new partner to overcome limitations with our existing solution.

Today Azexis is delighted to announce its partnership with Rise - an award-winning hosting provider specialising in cloud services for its channel partners, including Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Such as Azexis with our Evance e-commerce and content management software as a service (SaaS).

Rise boasts a comprehensive managed Cloud hosting platform enabling Azexis to deliver a highly resilient and scalable Evance e-commerce and content management SaaS solution.

This signifies a move from Azexisʼ existing dedicated server infrastructure onto a more resilient private cloud. The new Virtual Private Servers will seamlessly and automatically switch to a working hardware component if a hardware component fails ensuring the smooth running of websites powered by Evance.

Weʼll be making further service announcements regarding migration soon, however Azexis will be contacting customers directly regarding individual migration schedules.

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