12 Jul 2012

Scheduled hosting maintenance

Throughout July Azexis is migrating its hosted customers from a series of independent dedicated servers into a private cloud specifically geared to the demands of the Evance e-commerce and content management software.

The move is the result of over a yearʼs search for an appropriate solution to our specific hosting requirements. So we are now delighted by the launch of our own private cloud. The move represents a significant step forward for all of our hosted customers who will benefit from a more resilient, reliable, secure and scalable hosting environment.

Obviously we shall endeavour to limit service interruptions to our hosted clients. All customers hosted with Azexis will be affected by the move and contacted individually regarding their specific services and settings.

We shall be providing customers with further information on the new infrastructure soon.

Of course all of this leads to a new buzz phrase - Evance Cloud.

What happens with important settings for existing customers?

Customers who purchase their domain names through Azexis and/or have their DNS settings managed by Azexis will be moved automatically. Customers who manage their own DNS settings will be provided with full instructions for the move.

E-commerce website owners who provide Azexis with a management account for their payment gateway will be migrated automatically. However if you do not provide a management account to Azexis you will be provided with appropriate settings before we move your site.

Why is the new cloud hosting more resilient / reliable?

Our previous shared hosting accounts were located on independent dedicated servers. Although our servers came with RAID architecture we were all too aware of their vulnerability to hardware component failure resulting in potentially severe service outages.

The Azexis cloud is a virtual environment backed by the much larger inter-connected hardware infrastructure from Rise, which is capable of coping with multiple component failures without affecting uptime.

Why will the new hosting be more secure?

Previously all of our dedicated servers were web facing protected by software firewalls. Our new infrastructure places our virtual environment behind a hardware firewall, which makes security management easier and more reliable.

We're also separating web servers from non web accessible databases, which will place higher security on our customerʼs data.

We're committed to an ongoing policy of security reviews, which is why Evance subscriptions are so important to our customers.

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