21 Nov 2012

Azexis awarded one of Suffolk's 50 most entrepreneurial businesses

The East Anglian Daily Times has announced a list of Sufolk's 50 most entrepreneurial and innovative businesses. Azexis is proud to be placed in the list for our reaction to economic changes in our market sector, the subsequent evolution of our business model, investment in infrastructure and the development of cutting-edge technology in our Evance e-commerce software as a service .

The Future 50 Awards celebrate businesses who demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit and those to look to for future growth within the region. With a hectic development and marketing schedule ahead we'll be looking to successfully present our Suffolk based business nationally. 

For the last two years Azexis has been developing its bespoke software into a standard e-commerce platform. So, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to offer the Future 50 judges insight into the enormous preparations afoot at Azexis, but also unveil some of our ambitious future plans for the business and the Evance e-commerce platform. 

There is now a huge drive, and excitement, at Azexis for the success of the Evance e-commerce software platform, and the changes to our business model this year are already supporting the growing requirements of on-line retailers whilst making the initial cost of ownership smaller for SMEs. 

Our Future 50 Award recognises our achievements,  it validates our vision for Evance and inspires renewed vigour in our drive for success.
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