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Pickering is a manufacturer of switching and instrumentation used in electronic testing and simulation around the World and utilises the Evance platform to its fullest.

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Geolocated content

Pickering have a large and highly technical product range delivered Worldwide. It was paramount to facilitate management of a multi-lingual solution that detects where users are visiting the site from and delivers content relevant to their country and language.


With offices and agents around the globe Pickering have explicit pricing in a variety of currencies. It was imperative that their website supported their sales team in delivering relevant geotargeted pricing and not just a currency conversion.


We are delighted to work with Pickering on a continual basis. Azexis now work on a variety of facets from design and development to assisting in the architecture required for third party integrations and assisting in their ERP change management.

Making tech sexy

One of Azexis' aims is to help Pickering elevate their brand and online presence. We took a fresh look at their existing marketing material to reinvigorate their website.

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