SEO driven by sales conversion. We specialise in converting traffic into ecommerce orders.

SEO with a focus on CRO

Too many SEO companies get caught up in the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimisation. Unfortunately that means you could be missing out on valuable advice critical to sales conversion. Our aim is to draw on over 20 years experience to make you money. Driving traffic to your site is just the start. It's what happens once traffic hits a page on your site that we're really interested in. Moreover, it's what your visitors are interested in too. Site Guru is a data driven website furthering service from Azexis that focuses on sales conversions on your site. Here are some trendy buzz words:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Understanding search relevancy and ethical optimisation techniques for improved organic ranking is at the cornerstone of our optimisation service. Increased competition for top rankings means organic search engine optimisation is now an ongoing commitment


Driving traffic to your website isn't enough. Azexis focuses its attention on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), aiming to reduce bounce rates and turn visitors into customers. Utilising a range of disciplines from UX analysis to content evaluation and in the case of ecommerce sites we'll analyse your barriers to sale.


Viewing your website objectively as a user is as important as SEO. Once a visitor lands on your website they must be able understand what you do immediately and be able to browse your site with ease. As an optimisation client we'll help you improve the navigational flow and usability of your website.


If you already have a website then you'll already have written content and our initial aim will be to improve upon the content you already have. 


In addition to improving content we'll help you identify areas where new content will help drive relevant traffic to your website for the right reasons.


We'll analyse the statistics for your site before and after improvements to your site as well as keeping track on the movements of competitors.


We test our changes to your site on multiple devices, but we can also implement A/B testing to identify which changes to your site work best.


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Content is King, and it works!

You can have all the technical aspects tied up, but without awesome content and an enticing website your conversions just won't be as good as you hope. Our optimisation crew will focus on assisting you with content relevant to the traffic that matters.


Believe it or not the design of your website can affect sales both directly and indirectly. Our customers have seen growth in sales due to design changes.


Generating the right content, particularly for complex products will help you convert visitors into customers even if you're not the cheapest in your market.


We can advise you on the best social outlet for your market and help you with your social engagement to help you drive traffic to your site.


Every business engages Azexis at different stages in their evolution, so we understand that your needs are unique to you. It's our privilege to choose the right tools to improve your site's overall performance. Nevertheless we like to keep things simple and pricing for our optimisation services is based on the time we spend with you.

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