01 Dec 2011

Evance 3.1 launches December 2011

This release has been all about improving product management. We've completely redeveloped the UI to make life easier!

The new product category manager has drag and drop ordering of both products and categories making life so much easier...and somewhat faster.

True WYSIWYG Editing

We've unleashed the advanced editing capabilities of Evance's new CMS software onto products and categories. So the enjoyment content authors have experienced whilst editing CMS pages within a true WYSIWYG environment can now be enjoyed by product managers too.

Better category defaults

In the previous version of Evance managing the default product order of your store wasn't quite as clear cut as you wanted. So we've changed the default options to be clearer. Oh, and we've added a few more options to the drop-down whilst we were at it.                        

Product status icons

It wasn't always easy to see the current status of your products. So we've redeveloped product search to include images, pricing and introduced a new set of status icons to quickly convey the status of each product. Rolling your mouse over each icon gives you a tool-tip of the precise status.              

Faster, better & more accurate product searches
in a sexier User Interface Experience (UIX)

Product search now returns more information to product managers,
making product management a more enjoyable experience.

Easily establish your stock position

Product search hasn't just been redeveloped to look prettier...although it is.  We designed it to be clearer and also more functional. Product managers can now filter search results by status and stock position. For example you can filter all active products with low stock levels - wow that was so much easier!

Specification combo

Editing specifications had become a bit of a bind. So we've redeveloped the product specification system to make your life easier. Editing specifications is now faster, clearer and more intuitive than in previous versions by implementing combo fields to select existing values or add new ones on the fly.

Pricing as you intend it

Many of you had expressed confusion over how pricing worked in Evance. Including VAT and excluding VAT wasn't always as clear as it should have been so we've completely rethought the pricing architecture of Evance. We haven't just changed the field labels, there's some serious architectural changes that make life better.

Easier variant management

We knew product variants needed work doing to it and now we've done it. Managing stock controlled product variants is now so much easier than in the previous version. You'll notice that the Product Pools menu item has disappeared. Pools no longer exist as such and product Variant such as colour are now managed directly from product profiles.

Simpler multi-image management

We've harnessed the power of the new CMS media library within the product manager to make uploading multiple images to products as simple as we could. Select multiple images from your PC, upload, job done! Evance automatically crops and sizes the images for you - no need to worry about maintaining different product image sizes.

Plus, a whole lot more

Wow, 3.1 has been a great improvement on the product manager, but there have been a whole load of other improvements we've not mentioned. If you're an Evance subscriber you'll be getting these updates very soon. And then, we'll be working on Evance 3.2 - Order Desk redesign.

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