06 Apr 2012

v12 of azexis.com

12 years and 12 websites later Azexis launches its 12th website for 2012

Spare time to build our site has been hard to come by. With increasing demand at Azexis, and significant R&D into Evance, a lot has been happening behind closed doors.

In the last couple of months we've launched more sites than ever before and there are, of course, more on the way. We hope to be writing more about some of them here soon.

After all the late nights and excessive cups of coffee, the increasing interest in Evance has been fantastic. Moreover, the feedback we've had from customers using the new CMS has been outstanding.

We're not resting on our laurels though. At this very moment new content for the site is being prepared, more features are being invented and the overhaul of Evance continues.

Built with Evance

Evance fever is taking over at Azexis.
We're using it to edit this very blog and, let's just say, using it in earnest is such a joy.

In September 2011 we launched Evance 3.0. It was a major release seeing a colossal landmark launch of our true "What You See Is What You Get" Content Management Software - Evance CMS 3.

In December, Evance 3.1 was released boasting a complete overhaul of it's product manager.

So what's next? We'll be making further Evance announcements very soon - stay tuned!

All new...stuff

Azexis has changed significantly since we produced our last site. Rather than recycling the same old portfolio pieces and service information, we've re-built this version with new content, images and new case studies.

We've changed how we present our services, which is now split into Bespoke, E-Commerce and Web - our core services.

Whilst we're still passionate about our creative streak, it's no accident that Azexis increasingly looks like a software vendor. There'll be more about that soon.

Bigger is better

Azexis.com is bigger! It now boasts bigger bolder and more beautiful pictures; much more content including new information about Evance; and a new blog, which we're eager to maintain.

Unlike our previous sites, which ran from old CMS software, Evance is not only empowering more of our team to provide content, but its ease of use is enabling us all to get excited about its potential.

We've already planned a new "Evance it!" section of our site offering video tutorials, help, service updates and much more.

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