12 Jun 2013

New backup server fully operational

We've seen a lot of back-up solutions and to be honest most have fallen short of what "we" wanted to achieve. They were too "all encompassing", to slow, bulky and on rare occasions have caused degraded service to our production servers.

Enough was enough, so we began to build our own backup system custom made to the requirements of Azexis Cloud and Evance it! eCommerce . We wanted disaster recovery for each server encompassing all of the servers' and sites' settings. But, we wanted faster access to content backups and database backups over longer periods of time. And, we wanted to abstract it all away from our production servers (where your website is hosted) onto a separate secure system. 

Well, now we have it. If you accidentally delete PDFs, images or downloads from your site we have faster and easier access to backed up copies. If you accidentally delete a load of product data, we can restore it faster for your individual site without needing to mine data from a shared repository.

Data retention

Sometimes you don't spot data missing from your site till days, weeks and on rare occasions, months later. That's why this new backup solution is now so important. We maintain incremental backups ongoing, which allows us to retain data for a much longer periods - even years.

Content retention

In contrast to data, missing content is much easier to spot. So we now retain your backed up photos, PDFs, downloads, scripts etc for 3 months.

Every 2 hours

A snapshot is taken of each of our servers every 2 hours. This is a disaster recovery solution intended for recovering the entire server should it fail. We retain 24 snapshots (2 days worth) and every 12 hours snapshots are replicated to an off-site location. Unfortunately we cannot recover individual customer site information from these snapshots, which is why we have launched our new central backup server.

Every 4 hours

Your website's content and code is backed up every 4 hours onto a dedicated backup server. This means all of the backup operations for each server are maintained from a central solution, which actively seeks alterations to your website's content and scripts. The solution uses a powerful differential engine to reduce the size of backups allowing us to retain more data for longer. Importantly it provides us with rapid access to your site's content if you accidentally delete a folder containing all of your product images.


In addition to the content and scripts of your websites we take daily snapshots of your website's databases. A powerful differential engine calculates the differences between the data and then stores the latest fresh copy. This allows us to store differential data indefinitely whilst maintaining quick access to your latest data backups.

The Backup Service has been scanned and is verified PCI Compliant.

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