07 Jun 2013

£0.6million investment in Evance

In May we launched Evance Periwinkle (version 3.4) and as we started to plan customer upgrades something dawned on us - "OMG we've completely re-built Ignition and called it Evance". Ignition was our old legacy solution. When it was launched it was cutting edge, but it was only ever intended as a bespoke platform. With no infrastructure behind it, Ignition became old and tired. Something needed to change. 


Neal, our esteemed sales director, had been bugging me about licencing our ecommerce software and hitting a larger market. The problem was, I knew it wasn't a simple ask. Ignition's architecture, interfaces and infrastructure would all need attention. In fact, it was so overwhelming we knew it would be a completely different solution. That's when we dreamt up Evance.


For many years Evance was simply a pipe dream. Sure we had plans. We had big dreamy plans. Better still we even had prototypes knocking about, but it was still all very much pie in the sky. The phrase "it would be amazing if..." was common place.


By January 2010 we'd had enough of dreaming and, despite the economic doom and gloom surrounding us, became frantic doers. Frankly we programmed like the wind. Day after day, night after night we tackled outdated code and turned it into shiny new code, old interfaces into new ones and executed the migration to Azexis Cloud .


So here we are, several years in the making and £0.6million worth of investment later and we've achieved phase 1 of our goal - to rebuild. Evance is now ready to be thrust into the bigger wider world and stand on its own at  www.evanceit.co.uk .

But, we're not sitting on our laurels. We're back to being dreamers/doers again and we've already begun planning and producing the next big thing - Evance Malachite (version 4). Which to be honest was a little overwhelming...here we go again.

You can keep abreast of our roadmap here .

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