07 Jun 2013

Evance gets a new home at evanceit.co.uk

Evance's journey has not been an easy one. Sure there's been moments of euphoria, but there's been times of down right frustration. Till recently you would often hear the screams bellowing from various offices at Azexis day and night since 2010. But as we look back over the last 3 years we realise just how much we've achieved logistically and technologically.

We took a tired old ecommerce system, where CMS was an after thought, and brought it kicking and screaming into the 21st century with a true WYSIWYG editor. Ok, there's still a lot to do, but then there was always going to be and that's why we decided to launch Evance subscriptions in 2012 so that customers could receive updates (we're continually making that process easier).

Excitement from Azexis

With Evance moving into its own domain ( www.evanceit.co.uk ) there's a sense of satisfaction at Azexis. A sense of achievement. A feeling of almost parental pride, vigour and excitement. We're finally seeing the fruits of our labour published to a wider market.

Reassurance for customers

For the few customers who previewed the new website, there's a sense of progression. A sense of safety - knowing that Evance isn't just an idea between friends jotted down on a serviette in Pizza Hut (actually, that is how it all started). The new website represents so much more to customers. It means Evance is a serious entity in its own right and, though still fledgling, can stand apart from its parent company (I promised myself I wouldn't cry).

I was recently asked what the future holds for Evance and what our plans are for Azexis now that the two are diverging?  It's an important question and something I was sure to be asked again. So I thought I'd address it here. The answer is more of the same and lot of "different".

More of the same

There's still going to be a huge drive for innovation and development both in Evance and Azexis. In fact Evance's new architecture itself is making it easier for us to innovate within the software, whilst the new Azexis Cloud infrastructure provides us with greater flexibility.

A lot of "different"

Anything that's worth doing is never easy. I don't remember who told me that, but they weren't wrong. Historically Azexis is a bespoke web developer so entering into an off-the-shelf market is kind of alien to us. There's still a journey ahead as we embark on establishing the Evance brand through increasing our pace on marketing and advertising.

Increasing subscriptions

We're already pleased with the adoption rate of subscriptions for Evance and expect them to more than double over the next year. Growth of the Evance community offers stability and security to Azexis and to our customers where Evance is now the lifeblood for both parties.

Visit Evance it!

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