06 Jun 2013

£25k investment for Azexis Cloud

A mammoth task

It's been a year since we began the mammoth task of migrating our existing hosting infrastructure to a brand spanking new cloud infrastructure. Longer still since we began the search for the right supplier to build Azexis Cloud. And, the right team to support it. 

In late May we put the final finishing touches to the Azexis Cloud infrastructure completing an investment of over £25,000. 

So, what's really changed?

Larger, faster servers

We knew long before the release of Evance subscriptions in 2012 we would need to bolster our infrastructure and tackle our groaning dedicated servers. So we focused our attention on a faster virtualised solution comprising of a much larger server hardware infrastructure. 

More resilient hardware

Our virtual server network is distributed across a hardware cluster with incredible hardware fail-over. This increases the hardware resilience and longevity of the solution - reducing the possibility of downtime due to hardware failure. 

Separated & secured data servers

We've abstracted and secured all website data into a dedicated database server inaccessible from the web. This means we can ensure that all of our customer's mission critical data is safely separated from web facing servers. Basically, it means your data is harder to get to.

Dedicated managed firewalls

Securing Evance and its infrastructure is a serious business. So we wanted to move away from web-facing application servers protecting themselves to a dedicated and centralised firewall protecting a secured internal network. With the help of Cisco this is now possible. 

PCI Compliant

Evance's security is paramount to its success as an ecommerce solution. So that's why every server in our infrastructure meets rigorous PCI Compliant security tests. Our entire network is now regularly scanned by McAfee Secure to ensure we meet PCI Compliance now and in the future. 

Future Investment

We're not the kind of company who can sit still. So, despite the completion of this phase of investment, we're already planning the next wave of improvements to Azexis Cloud for resilience, redundancy and security.

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