06 Nov 2015

Azexis to Cease Email and DNS services

It may come as a shock that a cloud provider like Azexis has decided to call an end to email accounts and DNS services, but the decision wasn't made lightly. It's something we have been working towards for some time. So why are we doing it, and what does this mean to existing subscribers. 


Historically we offered email accounts and DNS services to complement cloud web hosting, but in recent years we've been encouraging subscribers to keep DNS with their registrars and host their email with specialist providers. The move has largely been to pursue the development of Evance.it as a cloud application rather than an all encompassing hosting service. Incidentally we have some exciting Evance announcements coming up, but that's for another time. 

Email Accounts

In the same way that we believe focusing our attention on Evance has resulted in an amazing product, we believe that specialist email services are able to offer vastly superior email facilities than we wish to support. Over the last few years we've been encouraging clients to host their email accounts with specialist providers such as Google Apps for Business, or Microsoft 365. So the number of subscribers affected by this announcement can be described as "just a handful". If you are affected we'll be in contact with you directly to make suitable arrangements. 

DNS Services

We stopped publishing our DNS details to clients many moons ago, so the number of subscribers affected is minimal. We shall be contacting clients utilising our DNS services directly to move those services to their registrars. Clients who purchased their domains through Azexis will not need to make any alterations as these will be carried out on your behalf. 


We've already started the process of identifying those affected and assisting in changes. We hope to complete by 31st January 2016. 

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