11 Nov 2015

How to increase your sales over the Christmas period

Christmas is creeping around the corner and there's a few things you should be doing to get ahead of your competitors and to increase sales over the festive season.
Here at Azexis we believe in supporting our customers in all aspects, not just in the overall support of the website but also how to push your business further and make more moolah!
We have explained below some ways you can utilise Evance to take full advantage of the Christmas period and generate some hype. If you don't have the time or the know-how to do any of these suggestions, our in-house team can do it for you. See our pricing below in blue.

Create a Christmas banner.

Design a Christmas Banner for your website to increase sales

Get into the festive spirit with a Christmas-themed banner on your homepage. This is a good way to communicate the tone of your business to customers, whether it is a "Happy holidays from all of us at ...." message or a sales advertisement. This will also help show customers that your website is regularly maintained and updated.

Send an Email

Send a Christ eShot to increase sales on your website

Sending out an email to all of your subscribers wishing them Happy Holidays is a nice way to touch base with your customers. You can use this opportunity to update customers on your Christmas working hours or tease new stock for the coming New Year. This can be a great way to entice customers to visit your website.
Want to take it a step further? Make use of your mailing list to promote any upcoming competitions or sales.

Run a Christmas competition.

Run a Christmas promotion or competition to increase sales

Running a competition for the holiday period is a great way to maintain engagement, especially through the busy Christmas season. You could run this through your social media channels or through Evance.
An easy product competition to drum up interest could be "Buy any of these products to enter the prize draw" or "Spend £X on selected products for the chance to win a prize." Get creative and make use of popular items in your store to encourage customers to participate.

Have a sale

Have a Christmas sale to increase sales

This is an easy way to increase your sales during both the pre and post-Christmas season. On Evance you have the ability to set up two discounts, giving you the opportunity to create one specifically for Christmas (10% off) and then automatically swap to another (20% off) for Boxing Day.

We can help, if you can do it.

We can do all your Christmas Marketing

If you're not a techno wizkid like our nerdy know-it-all team or just don't have the time to do this all yourself, don't worry! Here at Azexis, we run a service called Site Guru where we can do this all for you.
We're running a Christmas promotion of our own. Our Site Guru service is normally £349 per month, however during November or December, we'll take £100 off the bill for the first months trial. No pressure and no binding contracts!

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